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Questions About Cappadocia

Questions About Cappadocia

1.           Where is Cappadocia?


Cappadocia is located in the eastern part of the Asia Minor Region and Turkey respectively. Cappadocia is the historical name of the province, which nowadays includes part of the territories of the modern Turkish provinces of Nevşehir, Kırşehir, Nigde, Aksaray and Kayseri. Today Cappadocia is one of the tourist centers of Turkey, which makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Cappadocia is famous for its rich history, incredible natural landscapes, unique underground cities, rock fortresses, ancient temples and balloon flights.


2.           Where to go in Cappadocia?

Cappadocia is the pearl of Turkey, with its unique natural features and rich historical heritage, this place is one of the centers of attraction for tourists from all over the world. In this article, we have compiled the top 5 places to visit in Cappadocia.

A.           Goreme National Park.

Göreme Park is an open-air museum and covers an area of 300 km2.  The Göreme Park includes volcanic pillars, rock formations, cave churches and monasteries. The park was included in UNESCO in 1985.


B.           Göreme Open Air Museum

Göreme Open-Air Museum is the largest monastery complex in Cappadocia. At the time of Christianity the first followers of the new religion fled here from Jerusalem and they gave birth to the complex. There are about 10 churches in the area.


C.           The fortress of Uchhisar

Uchhisar tower is carved on the rock of the same name, which has a height of 60 meters, and is 1400 meters above sea level.

D.           The underground cities of Kaymakli and Derinkuyu

The cities of Kaymakly and Derinkuyu are multi-level underground complexes. The cities were built in the 8th and 7th centuries B.C. to provide shelter from raids, droughts and epidemics. The cities had housing compartments, animal compartments, barns, wineries, wells, churches, kitchens, and defensive structures that made it possible for the city to become a maze of traps. Indiana Jones would have clearly appreciated these cities, don't you think?

E.           Fairy Chimneys - Valley of the Monks

The Fairy Chimneys are unique natural formations in the shape of cone-shaped chimney stacks that originated from numerous volcanic eruptions about ten million years ago. The Fairy Chimneys got their name thanks to a Cappadocian legend, according to which fairies live in these stone chimneys and do their trade there.

At the same time, the Fairy Chimneys are known as the Valley of the Monks. The valley derives its name from the fact that in the early Christian period, many monks hid here, who settled in the aforementioned volcanic pillars, making them their dwellings. 

F.            Rose Valley

The Rose Valley is one of the main valleys of Cappadocia. It is so named because of the rocks, the color of which resembles pink. There are two canyons in the valley that join at Aktepe Hill, which in turn is one of the best places to watch the sunset, during which the valley throws a pink hue on itself, creating a truly fabulous atmosphere.


G.           TT TRAVEL.

The sixth place to visit while in Cappadocia is the region's best travel agency, TT TRAVEL. Here you will feel the Turkish hospitality and get the best service, and the prices will definitely please you))))


3.           What airports are there in Cappadocia?

You can find two airports in Cappadocia, both of which are international. The Nevşehir Airport (NAV) is 30 kilometers away from Göreme, where the greatest number of tourist accommodations is concentrated. Kayseri Airport (ASR), is a little further, 56 kilometers from Göreme. From both airports you can easily reach almost any hotel in Cappadocia thanks to shuttles (need to book separately) or by taxes.


4.           What does the word Cappadocia mean?

The name Cappadocia comes from the ancient Persian word "Katpatuka", which means "Land of Beautiful Horses". Interestingly, throughout the Persian rule, the inhabitants of Cappadocia, sent the king of the horses as tribute, which justifies the name of the region and suggests that the local horses were indeed beautiful.


5.           What month is the best to go to Cappadocia?

The main season during which the region is visited by the most tourists is considered to be spring and fall. However, due to the fact that Cappadocia is a center of cultural tourism, tourists come here all year round and receive the same services, with minor seasonal additions.

6.           What times do balloons fly in Cappadocia?

Balloons in Cappadocia fly every day, weather permitting, all year round. The balloons are launched at sunrise, allowing those flying to meet the sunrise in the sky and see the stunning beauty of Cappadocia, enveloped in the glow of dawn. About 150 balloons are launched at a time.


7.           In which area of Cappadocia do balloons fly?

In Cappadocia, balloons fly in the Göreme area, which is the center of tourism in the region. In Göreme itself, balloons are launched in the Valley of Love and the Valley of the Sword.


8.           Why go to Cappadocia?

You should travel to Cappadocia to see the rock fortresses, cave monasteries, thousand year old churches, underground cities, to enjoy a unique natural landscape, to fly in a balloon and stay in cave hotels and finally to experience the atmosphere of a completely different Turkey.


9.           Which holiday resort is closest to Cappadocia?

The distance from Cappadocia to the major tourist destinations of Turkey:

Antalya - 535 kilometers

Alanya - 495 kilometers

Pamukkale 616 kilometers

Istanbul 730 km

770 km to Izmir

842 kilometers to Bodrum


10.         How many days to go to Cappadocia?

Cappadocia is a madly beautiful place. It holds the legacy of many civilizations, as well as natural disasters, which caused its emergence as one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in the world. Due to the fact that most of the attractions of the region are located close to each other and the tourist infrastructure is developed, for a complete acquaintance with Cappadocia five days will be quite enough.

11.         Where to stay in Cappadocia?

Where to stay in Cappadocia? The main tourist settlements of Cappadocia are Göreme, Ortahisar, Uçhisar, Çavushin, Mustafapasha and Urgüp. Goreme, which is also called the "Gateway to Cappadocia," deserves a special mention. This is where most of the famous cave hotels, restaurants and cafes are located. Çavuşın should also be included in this list, because it is practically a continuation of Göreme and its integral part, which is famous for its high-quality hotels and restaurants.


12.         How to get to Cappadocia from Istanbul?

The distance from Istanbul to Göreme, the center of Cappadocia, is 730 kilometers. There are two ways to reach Cappadocia from Istanbul, either by bus or by plane. The travel time by bus is 10-11 hours, and by plane this section of the route can be overcome in just one hour.

13.         Should I use a guide in Cappadocia or can I see everything on my own?

To get to the sights of Cappadocia and see them can certainly be done alone, but no electronic guide, no reference on the Internet will not replace a professional guide. Only a guide will be able to convey all the atmosphere, sensitivity and open to you all the facets of the region in its entirety and will be able to convey the local flavor.

14.         What is the weather like in Cappadocia?

The climate in Cappadocia is temperate continental with hot summers and cold winters. The hottest period is from June to September, during which the daytime temperature reaches 30-35 degrees and at night it reaches 20-25 degrees. In winter, the weather is released to 1-5 degrees during the day, and at night it goes down to -15.

15.         Are there ;English-speaking guides in Cappadocia?

Yes, there are English-speaking guides in Cappadocia. Most of them have a state license proving that they have a sufficient knowledge of English and have the right to work as a guide. However, it is worth mentioning that there are also unofficial guides who have no right to work as a guide, so when choosing an agency where you will buy tours, be careful and try to choose a good agency that has a name in the region and positive feedback from customers on Tripadvisor.

16.         Can I book holidays in Cappadocia online?

Yes, it is possible to book holidays in Cappadocia online. This applies to all services, including balloon flights and excursions. You can contact us through the contacts on our website, where our Russian-speaking staff will be happy to answer all your questions and offer the best prices.

17.         What do I need for flying the Balloon?

All you need to fly the Balloon is to buy the appropriate service, provide your passport to the salesman for a photo, it is necessary for insurance processing, and follow the salesman's further instructions. By the way, children under the age of five are not allowed to fly, so if you are going to fly with children, keep this in mind.

18.         How many times a day do balloons fly in Cappadocia?

Balloons in Cappadocia fly once a day during sunrise.

19. Do Balloons fly in winter?

Yes, Balloons in Cappadocia fly every day, unless the flight is cancelled due to weather conditions.

20.         Is it possible to rent a car in Cappadocia?

Yes, of course you can rent a car in Cappadocia. There are lots of agencies providing such services, so if you like to have your own car during the holidays, you can safely come to Cappadocia.

21.         What tour includes a visit to the Underground City?

A visit to the Underground City is included in the Green and Blue Tours. When you purchase one of these tours, you will visit the underground city. It will either be Cappadocia's widest underground city, Kaymakli, or the deepest Derinkuyu.


 22.        What tours are offered in Cappadocia?

There are three main tours in Cappadocia, which are divided by color. They are the Red, Green and Blue Tours.

The Red Tour is a tour of the northern part of Cappadocia, which mainly covers the Göreme National Park area. The tour includes places such as:

- Uçhisar Fortress;

- Panorama of the Valley of Love (monks, fairies) - Pashabag ;

- Open Air Museum of Göreme;

- Avanos, center of pottery and ceramics;

- Valley of Imagination;


The Green Tour is not named so randomly, the journey takes you through the green southern part of Cappadocia. The itinerary includes the most important and popular attractions of the south. This is a one-day tour with the most hikes in Cappadocia. The tour includes places such as:

- Ihlara Canyon;

- The Underground City of Derinkuyu or Kaimakli;

- The Valley of the Pigeons and the valley Esentepe (general views);

- Cathedrals and monasteries.


The Blue Tour is not as popular in Cappadocia among tourists, but it is no less interesting than the other two tours. It shows parts of this region of Turkey unexplored by most. You will see extraordinary landscapes, picturesque frescoes in temples, ancient settlements, ancient churches and valleys. The tour program includes places such as:

- Göreme, a point in the valley;

- The underground city of Derinkuyu or Kaymakli

- Temples and other buildings in the Soganlı valley;

- The city of Sobesos (a Roman ancient city);

- City Mustafa Pasha (Greek settlement) with a visit to the temple of Constantine and Helena.

23.         When traveling to Cappadocia, do you need to bring cash or can you pay for everything with a card?

When traveling to Cappadocia, it is best to carry cash. Of course you can pay for everything with an agency card, stores and cafes have the ability to accept payment by card, but to avoid all sorts of inconvenience caused by technical problems, cash is still a good idea.

24.         How can I book a hotel in Cappadocia?

You can reserve a hotel by contacting us. You will tell us your wishes and budget and we will choose the best option for you, and after we have received your agreement we will make the booking for you. Reservation can be made through applications and sites such as Booking.

25.         Can a Balloon flight be canceled?

Yes, in high winds, civil aviation may prohibit all flights.

26.         What do I do if a Balloon flight is canceled?

Each campaign has its own return and cancellation policy, so we can only speak for ourselves. If a Balloon flight is cancelled, our campaign will refund the entire amount paid for the flight in full without any charges. Flight prices vary depending on availability, so you may have to make an additional payment to reserve for another day. In view of the above, we advise you to agree in advance on refund conditions in case of flight cancellation.

27.         Is it safe to fly in Balloons?

Yes, yes and yes! Ballooning is absolutely safe. Due to its construction and flight path, the balloon is not susceptible to sudden breakdowns and, if it does, they are not life-threatening in most cases. The only serious danger is wind, but it is also safely avoided in Cappadocia due to the fact that the flights are controlled by civil aviation, which has the authority to prohibit the flights if strong winds are expected. 


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