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Cancellation Policy



Clause 4 - Contract price and payment terms


4.1. Tavananna Travel- Dogruer Seyahat Tur. Tic . _ Ltd. Şti , (Will be referred to as "TT TRAVEL" in this text. When registering for tours, the price must be paid in full.

4.2. When paying in the foreign currency indicated as the price of the tour, the exchange rate determined by TT TRAVEL on the day of payment is applied.

4.3. TT TRAVEL may apply promotional prices for certain trips and hotel classifications on those trips, as it deems necessary, to eliminate the risk of not implementing some trips that do not reach the target participation. This special situation does not entitle a discount to customers who have already registered for the same tour.


Clause 5 - Price change in the event of the following conditions:


TT TRAVEL or its partners may change the price by notifying participants in writing or through a permanent data storage system at least 20 days before the date of departure of the tour and specifying how this change is calculated;


5.1. For tours where the price of services is determined in a foreign currency, if the change in price is due to unusual changes in the exchange rate.

5.2. If the price change is due to unusual changes in the cost of fuel.

5.3. Price changes resulting from increases in taxes, duties, fees and similar charges levied at locations such as ports and airports.


Item 6. Information before the trip


TT TRAVEL or its partners must inform the participant at least 24 hours for domestic tours and 48 hours for international tours before the start of the tour. This information is not binding unless the information in the brochure or contract given to the participant changes.


Clause 7 - Modification of material elements of the contract


7.1. In the event of a change in one of the essential elements of the contract, the Participant may accept this change or an alternative tour offered by T T T RAVEL or its intermediary.

7.2. Significant changes made by T T T RAVEL or its partner to the content of the contract prior to the start of the package tour for reasons not arising from the Participant, and other price changes, except for price changes made for the reasons specified in article 4 of this document, are considered as a change in conditions contracts.


7.3. T T TRAVEL and its partners must immediately notify the Participant of any significant change in the contract and its impact on the price.

7.4. In the event of a change in one of the essential elements of the contract, the participant may accept this change or may participate in another package tour of equal or greater value offered by TT TRAVEL or its partners at no additional charge, or may participate in a package tour of a lower value, provided that the difference in the price will be refunded to him, provided that he/she notifies TT TRAVEL or its partner in writing or through a permanent storage system that he/she does not accept the change.

7.5. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, TT TRAVEL or its partner shall refund the entire amount paid by the participant no later than fourteen days without any deduction from the date of receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the contract.


Clause 8 - Cancellation of all tours


8.1. In the event that TT TRAVEL or its partner cancels a tour before the start of all tours due to a reason that is not the fault of the participant, the participant may exercise the rights granted to him in article 7.4.

8.2. In case of cancellation of a package tour due to a shortage of the minimum number of participants provided for the organization of a package tour, as well as in other cases listed in paragraph 10 of this agreement, TT TRAVEL or its partner is not liable for losses resulting from non-performance of the agreement.


Clause 9 - Incomplete performance of the contract and liability


9.1. The participant is obliged to immediately notify the independent service provider or TT TRAVEL or its partner of any shortcomings that have arisen during the execution of the contract. Upon receipt of such notice, TT TRAVEL shall use due diligence to rectify the defect.

9.2. If it is determined that TT TRAVEL or its partner has failed or will not fulfill an important obligation after the commencement of the package, TT TRAVEL or its partner shall offer equivalent alternative measures that do not impose additional costs on the participant to continue the package and compensate the participant for the difference between services offered to the member and the services offered.

9.3. The participant may withdraw from the agreement without accepting the alternative agreement. In case of withdrawal from the contract, TT TRAVEL or its partner loses the right to claim remuneration, and the payments made are returned to the participant no later than fourteen days from the date of withdrawal from the contract. However, TT TRAVEL or its partner may require the participant to pay for the conditions of the tour that he has fulfilled up to this point in the amount in which the participant used the service.


Clause 10 - Disclaimer


TT TRAVEL and its partners are not liable for damages resulting from the failure to perform the contract in general or properly, if the breach of the contract is caused by the following circumstances:


10.1. Participant's fault.

10.2. Unexpected and unavoidable behavior of a third party not involved in the performance of the contract.

10.3. The presence of force majeure circumstances.

10.4. Incidents that TT TRAVEL and its partners or an independent service provider cannot foresee and prevent the event, despite the exercise of due diligence.

10.5. The package tour is canceled due to the shortfall of the minimum number of participants provided for the organization of the package tour, and the cancellation is notified to the participant in writing or via a permanent storage device at least seven days before the start of the package tour.


Clause 11 - Transfer of the contract


11.1. If it is impossible for the participant to continue the package tour, the participant may transfer the contract to a third party that fulfills all the conditions applicable to the package tour by notifying TT TRAVEL and its partners in writing or by e-mail at least seven days before the start of the tour .


11.2. The transferring party and the recipient of the package travel contract are equally liable to TT TRAVEL and its partner for the payment of the balance and all additional costs arising in connection with the said transfer, as well as the fee for changing the aircraft and / or any type of vehicle.


Clause 12 - Conditions for termination and cancellation of the contract


12.1. In all tour programs, the participant will be refunded the full amount of the paid fee, with the exception of expenses arising in connection with taxes, fees and similar legal obligations that are payable in case of cancellation of the tour due to the fault of the tour buyer up to 30 days before the start of the tour. For cancellations made between 30 and 15 days before the start of the tour, the participant will be refunded 30% of the total cost of the tour, excluding costs arising from mandatory taxes, fees and similar legal obligations. If the fee paid by the member up to this point is less than 50%, he/she will be charged the difference. If you cancel the tour less than 15 days before the start of the tour, the full cost of the tour will not be refunded.


12.2. If the visa application was submitted prior to the participant's request to cancel the trip, the visa fee will not be refunded.


12.1. For charter programs with private flights, date changes can be made no later than 30 days before the start of the tour. Changes cannot be made if less than 30 days remain before departure. Cancellation and change conditions for the airline used on tours with scheduled flights apply. The service fee is non-refundable. The provisions and date ranges in Article 12.1 are valid for services other than air tickets.


12.2. No changes or cancellations can be made during early booking periods, promotional tours, public holidays, religious and national holidays.


12.3. In the event that a participant submits a cancellation notice less than thirty days before the commencement of a package tour due to a situation or force majeure that the participant cannot foresee and prevent, despite all due diligence and documenting the situation, the taxes due be paid, except for costs arising from fees and similar legal obligations, as well as fees paid to third parties, which can be documented and non-refundable, the amount paid by the participant is returned to him without any deductions. Participants participating in the tour, other than the participant who has experienced this force majeure, cannot benefit from the provisions of this article.


12.4. The refund to be made in accordance with this article shall be made from the date of receipt by TT TRAVEL of the notice of termination of the contract. Or agent, must be transferred to the participant within fourteen days from the date of receipt.


Clause 13 - Force Majeure


13.1. Natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, road obstacles, strikes, terrorist attacks, civil unrest, war, the possibility of war, the possibility of quarantine, unforeseen technical problems, aircraft delays are recognized by both parties as force majeure if they prevent the start or continuation of the trip. If these force majeure circumstances are recognized by the embassies or official authorities of the respective country, the conditions for the cancellation and refund of air tickets and hotels in the light of this declaration are valid. In this process, TT TRAVEL and its partners cannot be held liable for losses resulting from non-performance of the contract.


13.2. The Member is obliged to provide TT TRAVEL with any report or document received from the authorities regarding force majeure circumstances related to him/her. Members who cannot document force majeure events within the requested period, or who do not fully document them, cannot make any requests from TT TRAVEL or its partners.


Clause 14 - Compulsory travel insurance


TT TRAVEL or its agent has insured its obligations arising from the failure to provide services that it has undertaken as part of the package travel, including the bankruptcy of the agency, under the special and general conditions of compulsory package travel insurance. This Policy Certificate was transferred to the Participant in the Annex to the Agreement. The Participant was reminded that they may be insured to cover the cost of returning to their point of origin in the event of an accident and illness, as well as damage and medical expenses arising from all types of accidents, up to the limit of the policy.


Item 15 - Means of transportation and accommodation


15.1. TT RAVEL, or its partner, is an intermediary between the airline and passengers and is subject to the Hague Protocol of 09/28/1955. Departure times for aircraft, buses, ships, boats, trains and other modes of transport indicated in the itinerary are prepared in accordance with the official timetables of the relevant organizations. Changes to these dates, changes to dates and all related changes and program delays are at the discretion of TT RAVEL or its partner, and these events are evaluated in accordance with the rules of international air transport legislation, international treaties and other transport legislation. For matters not covered by this agreement, the provisions of the relevant current legislation, IATA, other conventions, transport law rules, international conventions to which Turkey is a party, as well as the provisions of contracts, agreements and other legal acts governing the activities of transport companies, in accordance with the rules of international air transport legislation.


15.2. TT TRAVEL and its partners are not responsible for any malfunctions, accidents and losses that may arise as a result of events occurring against their will in the means of transport and accommodation facilities and problems that may arise due to: political events, strikes, changes in interstate relations, terrorism, TT TRAVEL and its partners are also not responsible for the fact that the contract cannot be performed at all or properly due to extraordinary and force majeure reasons, such as social movements, the likelihood of war, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions , fog and unforeseen technical problems caused by the participant.


15.3. Departure times are subject to change prior to departure: any time change must be confirmed 48 hours prior to departure date. Passengers purchased the tour knowing that the departure time may change. Passengers must request confirmation from TT TRAVEL and its partner 48 hours before the date of travel and must be at the destination at the specified time, otherwise TT TRAVEL and its partner cannot be held responsible. TT TRAVEL and its partner, must notify their passengers of changes to the schedule and meeting point as soon as possible, as soon as they receive a message about the change.


15.4. With the exception of the accommodation specified in the tour program, additional meals, drinks and non-specified services that will be taken during the trip and at the hotel are paid by the participant. In addition, the participant pays for additional meals, drinks and non-program services during the trip and at the hotel, with the exception of the accommodation specified in the tour program, which must be charged to tourists in accordance with the laws of the country visited.


15.5. TT TRAVEL and its partner are not responsible for damages, losses and losses incurred by the participants in the visited places and places of residence on time, at the beginning and at the end of the trip.



15.6. Child discounts apply when children share a room with their parents as the 3rd or 4th person. However, if they occupy a hotel bed and a seat on an airplane, the full price will be charged.


15.7. City tours and additional tours can be organized on other days than the days indicated in the program, provided that the content does not change. Prices for additional tours may vary depending on the content and number of participants. Tours may not be implemented due to weather conditions or forced situations, in which case TT TRAVEL will offer the most suitable alternative. Meeting passengers outside the declared points of departure is not performed. Buses do not offer seat number guarantees.


15.8. Participants' baggage rights are determined in accordance with the limits determined for the mode of transport used. For luggage exceeding the stated limits, the participant pays an additional fee charged by the transport company.


15.9 In case of loss and/or damage to luggage that may occur during flights within a travel package purchased from TT TRAVEL or its partner, the rules established by the airline apply, TT TRAVEL or its partner does not bear any responsibility.


15.10 Participants are responsible for the safety of their money, jewelry, valuables, important documents, and in case of loss, damage or theft, the participant is fully responsible for this. Vehicles are subject to the rules for the carriage of luggage established by the relevant and / or official organizations. The participant is responsible for the penalties arising in case of violation of the rules, and TT TRAVEL or its partner is not responsible.


15.11 The Participant is responsible for luggage and personal belongings at every stage of the trip, with the exception of flights included in the travel package.


15.13 TT TRAVEL or its partner cannot be held responsible for expenses incurred in connection with valuables and documents such as passports, identity cards, airline tickets, etc. lost during the trip.


Item 16 - Visa.


Participants are responsible for obtaining the visas required for foreign travel themselves. If TT TRAVEL and its partners are asked to follow the procedure for obtaining a visa, TT TRAVEL and its partner is only an intermediary in visa procedures and is not responsible if the visa is not issued by the consulates, provided that you have a passport valid for at least 6 months, and the required documents are submitted at least 16 days before the date of departure of the tour with the payment of a visa and a service fee, which is paid by the participants. The date and content of the visa received by TT TRAVEL and its partner must be checked by the participant for delays and documented deficiencies. Any change in visa fees prior to the tour departure date will be reflected to the participants and the difference will be charged. When applying for a visa, if necessary, you can contact the consulates of other countries that are members of the Schengen Agreement, to which the traveling country is a party, this is done in the interests of the participants for a positive completion of visa procedures. In the event of non-receipt of a visa, the cancellation conditions provided for in this agreement will apply and no refund or refund other than as provided in these provisions will be made. Participants who, for any reason, are not allowed to leave Turkey or are not allowed to enter it or the country they are traveling to, even though they have received a visa, no payments will be made, and TT TRAVEL and its partner are not responsible for such a situation. . If a competitor claims to have a visa for the country they are traveling to, or states that they will go through the visa procedures themselves, then the participant is solely responsible and cannot terminate the contract by stating that the visa procedures were not carried out. , the responsibility will lie with him.


Item - 17 For ski tours;


*Children from 0 to 5 years old stay free of charge, provided they do not occupy a bed in the room. Children over 6 years old are charged at full price. Participants with children must be specified at the time of booking.


* Cancellations and modifications must be notified at least 15 days in advance. Changes will be made subject to availability. Reservations made up to 15 days before the start of the tour cannot be canceled or modified. Otherwise, the service will be accepted as received.


* The company (agency) is not responsible for road closures due to weather conditions, heavy snowfall or for any other reason by the authorities and delays that may occur due to this.


Guests must complete the purchase by accepting these terms.


Clause 18 - Miscellaneous provisions


18.1. The duration of the tours is indicated by calendar days. The start and end days determine the number of tour days, regardless of the time of day.


18.2. As far as customs formalities are concerned, passengers are required to carry their passports and identity cards when entering and leaving. Participants are responsible for any possible problems arising from the lack of a passport, as well as for any delays and cancellations due to this. In this case, the participant loses all rights related to the trip.


18.3. Parents of passengers under the age of 18 participating in the tour are required to have and present their legal documents.


18.4. The duty of a conscientious consumer is the written notification by the Participants of the authorized person during the provision of the service. The Member's use of the service prior to the end of the service in the event of a complaint shall eliminate the right to compensation, such as replacement of the service and refund of the price associated with the matters complained of.


18.5. This agreement has been prepared to determine the scope of services to be provided to the participant, it does not replace the invoice and receipt, nor does it mean that the tour fee has been paid.


18.6. It is assumed that the persons who will participate in the trip specified in the agreement have read, understood and accepted the articles of the agreement, even if the registration procedures were made and signed by someone else.


18.7. This agreement is drawn up, agreed upon and signed with the free will of the parties and familiarization with all articles.




 TT Travel provides an online platform where business partners, tour operators, homeowners and other providers can advertise their products, services, tours and bookings and where website visitors can make such bookings. By placing an order/booking through our website, you enter into a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with Tavananna Travel Agency LLC Travel ". In relation to the fulfillment of your order/booking, we only act as an intermediary between you and the supplier, passing on the details of your order/booking to the relevant supplier and sending you a booking confirmation by e-mail.

The prices on our website are very competitive. All TT prices Travel are offered per person, per room, per unit, per bed, per service on all tours, activities, accommodation and include VAT and other taxes and fees (these taxes and fees are subject to change), unless otherwise indicated on the website or confirmation email.




20.1. Making a Booking


To order services or products via TT Travel , you need to find available options using the search engine on the site.

By placing an order/booking in accordance with the payment policy for each product: for instant confirmation of the order/booking it is necessary to make an advance payment;


B ). Service fee payment is required in order for TT to Travel could offer you accommodation, medical tours, MICE services , group services, etc.


Prepayment is issued to you before the booking is confirmed. You are obliged to pay Tavananna Travel Agency LLC the cost of goods/services ordered by you and, if necessary, taxes or additional services. Your order is confirmed when:


Your payment by credit or debit card is accepted by TT Travel , the operator of this website;


B ). You receive a booking confirmation from TT Travel .


20.2. Booking payment


TT Travel will withhold a service deposit or service fee on instant booking confirmation when you book travel services or accommodation through the site.


All credit or debit card payments on this Site are processed by the GARANTI BANK system and are 100% secure. We accept Visa , Visa Electron , MasterCard . All payments are made in dollars ($) or euros (€) at the rate applicable on the day of payment. In case of an unsuccessful transaction, we reserve the right to cancel all unpaid services and all vouchers will become invalid.


All deposits and service fees are non-refundable. In the final contracts with Tawananna Travel Agency LLC, the amount of the deposit is taken into account, and you pay the difference between the total cost of services and the deposit paid. You are also responsible for all costs, fees, charges, duties, taxes and other payments arising in connection with using the products and services available on the site You will be notified of the amount of the deposit and service charges prior to confirmation of the order.


20.3. Payment for services "on request" and additional payment for tours


TT Travel accepts the following types of payments:


1. Transaction through Garanti Bank : Payment via 3D system secure ; cards accepted: Visa , Visa Electron , MasterCard , Maestro ; electronic account in US dollars; banking services account for 3% of the total invoice amount.

2. bank transfer: cash/online payment; account in US dollars ( USD ) or euros ( EUR ); banking services in accordance with the tariffs of your bank.

3.Western _ Union / MoneyGram : cash payment; electronic invoice in US dollars ( USD ).

4. in cash upon arrival: upon agreement with the manager of Tawananna Travel Agency LLC , you can pay for services in cash upon arrival and print a copy of this agreement to take with you on your trip.


Reservation Change Policy

In the event of a change in the reservation, including the name of the guest, the date of arrival or departure, the amount of the invoice for the ordered services, the change in the category of the room or the class of the hotel, the change in the list of services, etc. , TT Travel will charge you the amount shown below.


Reservations can only be canceled by email or written notice sent by certified mail to TT Travel. If written notice is received prior to the date of arrival/start of travel, TT Travel will accept cancellation subject to these terms and conditions.:

the cancellation fee is non-refundable.

No later than the start date of the tour, cancellation is considered (the total amount will be charged to your credit card)


  • Days before tour date
  • Fine, euro/ dollar


  • Tours-Excursions-Events (instant confirmation and on request) 7 days or more = free


  • 7–4 days = %20 of the amount
  • 4–1 days before the tour =%35 of the amount
  • Last 24 hours before the start of the excursion or order = % 100 of the total amount


  • Transfers 7 days or more = free


  • 7–4 days = %20 of the amount
  • 4–1 days before the tour =%35 of the amount
  • Last 24 hours before the start of the excursion or order = % 100 of the total amount


  • Accommodation for 1-9 people. 7 days or more = free


  • 7-4 days = %20 of the amount
  • 4-1 days before the tour =%35 of the amount
  • Last 24 hours before the start of the excursion or order = % 100 of the total amount


  • Accommodation for 10 or more people. 10 days or more = free


  • 10–4 days = %20 of the amount
  • 4–1 days before the tour =%35 of the amount
  • Last 24 hours before the start of the excursion or order = % 100 of the total amount


I have read, understood and accepted this agreement, as well as the contents of the brochures, the distribution of fees and expenses for the tour organized on behalf of the recipient(s).


Distance Sale Agreement





Address Turgut Square Ozal No.: 18/4 - P.K. 50180 Goreme Nevsehir/Cappadocia/Turkey

Phone : +90 384 999 16 36

Email : _ _ info @ tttravelcappadocia . com , info @ tavanannatravel . com           


First name - last name:






ARTICLE 2 - Subject and Scope of the Treaty


This Distance Selling Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "agreement") has been prepared in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law and the Regulation on Distance Agreements. The parties to this agreement hereby accept and declare that they know and understand their obligations and responsibilities arising from the Consumer Protection Law and the Regulation on Distance Agreements under this agreement. The subject of this agreement is the definition of the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law and the Regulation on Distance Contracts in relation to the sale and delivery of goods / services with the qualification specified in the contract, which the buyer ordered electronically for the purchase of the seller's products through the website https tttravelcappadocia.com owned by TT TRAVEL or domain names associated with the service provided.




The buyer declares that he/she has read the preliminary information posted by the seller (who is TT TRAVEL) regarding the main characteristics, selling price, method of payment and delivery of the goods that are the subject of the contract on the site, and that he/she has given required confirmation by email. Buyers can submit their inquiries and complaints as a consumer through the channels listed in the seller's contact information above.

By electronically confirming this agreement and the preliminary information form, the Buyer confirms that he/she has received the address, the main characteristics of the ordered products, the price of the products, including taxes, payment and delivery information, which the seller must provide to the consumer before entering into distance contracts.

Before receiving the Goods / Services that are the subject of the contract, the Buyer will inspect the goods / services that are the subject of the contract for inconsistencies , etc.



The seller is responsible for providing the goods / services that are the subject of the contract to the buyer in accordance with the legislation on the Protection of Consumer Rights, in integrity, completeness, in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order, and with warranty documents and user manuals, if any. If the seller is unable to provide the goods that are the subject of the contract within the specified period due to force majeure or extraordinary circumstances preventing transportation, the seller is obliged to notify the buyer as soon as possible. If the goods / services that are the subject of the contract are provided to a person who is not a buyer, the seller cannot be held responsible for the fact that the person to whom the goods are provided does not accept them.


The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in the following cases:

a ) until the expiration of the right to withdraw from the service contract, when the performance of the service begins with the consent of the buyer.

b ) contracts for goods whose prices are determined on stock exchanges or other organized markets

c ) Contracts for the provision of goods which are prepared in accordance with the wishes of the consumer or clearly meet his personal needs, but which are not suitable for return at the expiration date.

d ) Contracts relating to services performed instantly in an electronic environment and contracts relating to intangible goods delivered instantly to the consumer.



a) If the buyer has a problem with the seller in case the seller cannot solve the problem, he can apply to the Consumer Arbitration Committee of the place of purchase of the goods or the place of residence.



The cash or deferred price of a good/service is the price that is included on the order form with the down payment price, the sample invoice mailed at the end of the order, and the invoice provided to the customer with the product.



In the event that the buyer fails to fulfill obligations under credit card transactions, the buyer pays interest and is liable to the bank under the credit card agreement concluded with the card holder bank. In this case, the relevant bank may resort to legal remedies; may require the buyer to pay the costs and attorney's fees, and in any case, if the buyer defaults on the debt, he undertakes to pay the damages and losses incurred by the seller due to the delay in paying the debt.


ARTICLE 12 - Notification and Evidence Agreement


All correspondence between the parties under this agreement is carried out by e-mail, with the exception of mandatory cases listed in the legislation. The Buyer accepts, declares and undertakes that the electronic information and computer records stored in its own database and servers are binding, conclusive and exclusive evidence in disputes that may arise in connection with the contract, and that this article is an evidentiary document in the context of article 193 of the Civil Procedure Code.



This Agreement, consisting of 13 (thirteen) clauses, has been read by the parties, concluded and entered into force immediately upon electronic approval by the buyer.

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